Please note: This help file covers all 3 versions of CyberBuddy. Some of the features covered may not be included in the version you are running.

The CyberBuddy program makes use of Microsoft Agents to speak to you when certain events take place. These include:
The time of day
- Reminders to yourself
- Messages from your friends
Email in your Mailboxes
The latest news
Weather Reports
- Jokes
Inspirational Thoughts
- Stock Quotes for your selected stocks
- Internet Speed Reporting
When Web Pages Change
- Compliments
- Caller ID (Version 4 only, with special equipment)

CyberBuddy can also
read stored documents or text that you type to the screen.

CyberBuddy provides direct
text-to-speech messaging and voice messaging with other CyberBuddies.

If you have
Speech Recognition installed. (versions 3 and 4) CyberBuddy can listen for your Spoken Commands.

There is even a
CyberBuddy Web Cam option so you can see and talk to CyberBuddies.

You can create special CyberBuddy Documents with the free
CyberBuddy Story Builder.

Microsoft Agents are small cartoon characters that are animated and can speak through the use of a text-to-speech engine. These agents must be installed before CyberBuddy can operate. Windows 2000 comes with agent support installed. There are many characters to choose from. CyberBuddy can make use of any of these characters. For a more detailed explanation of Microsoft Agents and installation please go to You will find links to download characters and even a link for custom characters that can be made from photos, drawings etc.

If Agents are not installed, CyberBuddy will run an installer to install the agents for you. You must be connected to the internet for the installer to work (unless you are using the
CyberBuddy CD-ROM).

When the program is started, it will automatically run in the system tray. To bring the program up, click on the CyberBuddy icon in the system tray. You can also bring the program up by double clicking the Agent Character when it appears.
Double Clicking the Agent Character will also stop any talking or actions in progress.

Right Clicking the Agent Character will bring up a pop-up menu. This menu allows you to directly access many of CyberBuddy's features.

The CyberBuddy tray icon will change with certain functions. If email is available, the icon will animate. If CyberBuddy is busy checking for information, the CyberBuddy icon will have it's mouth and eyes closed, as if in deep thought. See the
CyberBuddy Icon section for an explanation of the different icons.

Tells about CyberBuddy

Click on the "Check for Updates" button to have CyberBuddy check the current version. You can also select to have CyberBuddy open your browser, and go to the CyberBuddy homepage at Here you can check to see if you have the latest version of the program. Check often for new features.

Take a Tour
Let your Agent character show you the CyberBuddy program.

Please Note: CyberBuddy makes use of a number of commercial servers on the internet to gather the information for the news, weather, stocks etc. As such, the reliability of information is partly reliant on the reliability of those servers and whether on not the information remains in the format CyberBuddy expects. If you are not receiving information or are receiving incorrect information, there may be a problem at one of these servers. If one of the servers changes format, CyberBuddy may need to be updated to accept the new format. Check the CyberBuddy homepage often for updates, news and tips.

The latest information, software updates, etc. for CyberBuddy can be found at the CyberBuddy website at

Your help is needed! Have you seen a problem or bug with CyberBuddy? Have suggestions for features? Maybe would just like to give some praise? Please, go to the CyberBuddy homepage at http:/ to report it. Thanks.

"The Unpredictable CyberBuddy, you never know what he will say next."