Web Watching Wizard

With the Web Watching Wizard, CyberBuddy can monitor web sites for you and tell you when something has changed on a site. CyberBuddy can just tell you when the page has changed, or it can read the changed portions to you. Have a favorite sports site, financial page, specialized news etc? Let CyberBuddy keep a watch on them while you do other things.

Here you select what CyberBuddy should tell you about the Web page:
None - Web Watching Wizard is off
Announce Change - CyberBuddy will tell you when a web page has changed It will only announce this when there is new content on a page. It will not announce when the web page has changed because items have been deleted.
Read Changed Text - CyberBuddy will tell you when a web page has changed and will try to read the changed section, if content has been added to the page.

Check Pages Every...
Tells CyberBuddy how often to check the pages while you are online

Additional Filtering
This allows CyberBuddy to try to determine what information on the page may be of interest.
When this is checked, CyberBuddy will attempt to filter out lists of links and other items that do not appear to be interesting text areas of a page. This can make the reading of a page more meaningful.

Report if Page Unavailable
When this option is checked, CyberBuddy will tell you if, when it checks the web pages, a page could not be accessed. This can be a great way to alert you when a server goes down.

Check Now
Tells CyberBuddy to check the web pages now. The first time a page is checked, CyberBuddy just makes a copy of the page, to be checked against later.

Web Page URLs to check
This is the list of web pages you would like CyberBuddy to keep track of. To add a page:
Type the Web Address (URL) of the web page in the box at the bottom of the list. Click the
Add URL button to add the URL to the list. To delete a web page from the list:
Click on the URL in the list to highlight it, then click the
Delete button.

Use the
Get button to test the URL or get the particular web page now.
Show Button will bring the selected page up in your browser.

Pause Reading / Stop Reading
To pause reading, click the Character once. He will finish reading the current line, then pause. If you leave him paused, he will remind you every minute or so that he is still paused. To resume reading, Click on the character once.
To stop reading, double-click on the character.