CyberBuddy can be set up to check your local weather. The weather can be checked for most U.S. Cities and many other cities around the world. Use the setting below to configure your CyberBuddy to present your weather.

Check for Weather
Checking this box enables CyberBuddy to check the weather automatically at the selected intervals.

Current Conditions
The "Current Conditions" portion of the weather report will be presented, if available. This is the current temperature, humidity, winds etc. (This is not available at all times of the day, for all cities).

Forecast for the days weather conditions will be presented, if available.

Extended Forecast
CyberBuddy searches for the portion of the forecast for the next few days, if available.

Note: Any, or all, of the above selections may be made. But at least one must be made. Note also that since forecasts and observations change constantly, there may be times of the day when one or more of the selections will not bring any results.

Check Every Number of Minutes
Determines how often CyberBuddy will try to retrieve the weather for you.

Only Updates
When this box is checked, CyberBuddy will only inform you when the weather report changes. If the box is not checked, CyberBuddy will give you a weather report each time it is found as determined by the "Check Every Number of Minutes" setting.

If your weather report contains both F and C temperatures, this selection will allow you to set your preference for temperature type. Note that the server may not deliver the temperature in your preference, in which case CyberBuddy will report the temperature as available. For example: If you select C and the temperature is only reported in F, then the temperature will be given in F.

Weather Location
This is where you tell CyberBuddy the location that you wish the weather for. You can enter a Zip code, major city name, or 4 letter ICAO Airport Code. To test, you can click "Check weather now" to have CyberBuddy check the weather with your settings, or click "Web Page" which will bring you to the Weather Server Web Page for the location selected. Check the CyberBuddy home page, in the "FAQ/Troubleshooting" section for links to sites that list the 4 letter Airport Codes around the world.
Some pages listing airport codes:
or do a search for ICAO Airport Codes.

Weather Location examples:
18360 Chicago London Paris KEWR EGLL

Web Page
Brings the weather service web page up in your browser. You can also right click the Agent to get this selection.

Check Weather Now
Checks the weather report from the weather server.
Note: If you right-click on the Agent Character, a pop-up menu will appear that will also allow you to check weather.