CyberBuddy is a handy tool for providing important reminders. When the reminder comes due, the character will appear, move around the screen and attempt to get your attention alerting you that you have a reminder. Click on the character to get the reminder message.

To enter reminders:

1. Type the desired reminder text in the "Reminder Message" box.
2. Set the Date and time for the reminder with the drop down Date and Time boxes.
3. Select the Reminder type:
4. Click the "Add Reminder" button

When a reminder comes due, the agent character will move around the screen and call you to get your attention. It will continue to do this until you click on the character. If the reminder came due while your computer was turned off or CyberBuddy was not running, the reminder will pop up shortly after CyberBuddy is started.

Note: The reminder dates are stored in MM/DD/YY format.

Note: The reminders are stored in a file named "reminders.lst" in your CyberBuddy Folder. If you want to backup your reminders or copy them to another CyberBuddy, you can copy this file.

Editing / Deleting Reminders

To Edit a reminder, click on the reminder in the reminder list. The "Add Reminder" button will change to "Edit Reminder". A "Delete" button and a "New" button will appear. If you just want to delete this reminder, click the delete button. If you do not want to edit this reminder, but want to enter a new reminder, click the "New" button. Otherwise, make any changes you would like and click the "Edit Reminder" button. You reminder list will be updated with the changes.

Pre-Remind On
Tells you about reminders coming due in the next 3 days.
When CyberBuddy is first started, or, if the screen saver has been on for more than 4 hours and you come back to your computer, the program will check to see if there are any reminders coming due in the next 3 days. If the reminders are not daily or weekly reminders, and this option is checked, CyberBuddy will tell you that they are coming up soon.