Voice Messaging
You can send a voice message to another CyberBuddy. Your message will be spoken, in your voice, by your friend's Agent Character.

Please review the
text-to-speech Messaging section before using the Voice Messaging function.

Voice Setup
In most cases, CyberBuddy will setup the voice compression options for you. These options allow your voice to be recorded and compressed for transmission over the internet. If your "Talk" button is grayed out (disabled) or if you wish to change the type of compression, do the following:

Click on the Setup button next to the "Talk" button. This will bring up the Voice Setup window. There will be some detailed instructions in this window as to the selection of voice compression options. Click on "Audio Compression Selection" and make a choice as detailed in the instructions.

Note about compression: You, and the CyberBuddy user you are communicating with, must be capable of using the same compression selected. The options shown are compression options that should be available on most computers. You may select others, but make sure your friend's computer also has the same compression capability. The higher the level of compression, the faster your voice will be sent.

Microphone Volume
The voice setup window also contains a volume control for your microphone. To adjust your microphone volume level, click on "Setup" next to the "Talk" button and adjust the volume slider.
Note: If you do not see a volume slider, CyberBuddy was unable to find the microphone volume control. You will need to set it manually in the Multimedia section of Control Panel in "My Computer" or from the volume control settings in the system tray.

Test Voice
The "Test" button next to the "Talk" button is a Push-to-talk button like the "Talk" send button. Click and hold it until the red light appears, speak a message and release. You should hear your message spoken by your CyberBuddy character. If you do not, check your volume control settings. You may also need to select a different audio compression setting (see Voice Setup above).

Sending a voice message
The "Talk" button on CyberBuddy works like the "push-to-talk" button on a walkie-talkie.
To send a voice message, make sure your friend's UIN or IP address is in the "Send to UIN or IP address" box. (See "
Send to IP address" section ).
Click and hold the "Talk" button until the red recording light appears, speak your message and release the button. That's it. Your message is sent.
The recording light will change to yellow/white while being transmitted. It turns green if the receiving CyberBuddy receives it ok.

When your "Talk" button is grayed out (disabled), CyberBuddy is busy sending or receiving voice.

When you receive voice, a text message will appear in the Rcv box indicating "Voice From" and your CyberBuddy friend's name.

If your want to hear the last voice message sent to you repeated, Right click the agent character and select "Last Voice Msg".

The Status indicator Light
The status indicator above the Voice button gives the following indications:
Gray – Idle
Red – Recording your voice
Yellow/White – Your voice is being transmitted to your friend
Green – Your friend has received your last voice message
Black - There was an error in your last voice transmission
Purple/Blue – You are receiving a voice transmission

Note: Voice messaging, like the text-to-speech messaging will not work if you or your friend are behind a firewall or are using a proxy server.