Internet Speed
As CyberBuddy downloads various items from the internet for you, it keeps track of the speed of it's operation. If desired, you can get a report of this speed at certain times. You can also get an instantaneous report by clicking the "Speed Report" button.

CyberBuddy needs to collect a sufficient amount of data before it can determine the average speed that you are running at. So, if you select to have the speed reported at certain time intervals, the reports will not begin until CyberBuddy has collected the needed amount. The amount of data is determined by how many other options such as weather, news and stocks, you have selected and how often.
By getting a report every once in awhile, you can see how your internet speed is over time. The speed is averaged since the time CyberBuddy was started. Note that this speed is not only determined by your internet connection, but by the speed of the servers that CyberBuddy connects to. The speed report should provide an idea as to the average normal traffic flow to your computer from these sources. The Speed is given in Bytes per Second. This is not the same as your modem rating which is in Bits per Second. It is a measure of how many actual bytes were downloaded in a time period.

Speed Reports
Will give speed reports at the selected time intervals after enough data has been collected.

Speed Reports at Number of Minutes
Determines how often speed reports will be given.

Give a speed report now.