Caller ID

Versions 3 and 4 Only

CyberBuddy can tell you who is calling.
You must have a special Voice Modem for this function to work. This function is not supported by all versions of Windows.
And, of course, you must have Caller ID provided by your phone company.
Check the CyberBuddy Homepage FAQ for details on the different modems that will work for Caller ID. The is much more detail on the Caller ID capabilities in this FAQ.

To enable this function, check the "Enabled" box next to Caller ID. If your modem does not support Caller ID, leave this box unchecked.

When there is an incoming call, CyberBuddy will announce the call. The identity of the caller will be announced using information in the following preference:
1 If the person calling is in your Phone Book, he will use the name that you have entered in your
Phone Book to identify the caller.
If not,
2. If the caller's name is provided, the name will be given.
If not,
3. If the caller's number is provided, then number will be announced.
If not,
4. A reason, such as "Unidentified Caller" will be given.

The Caller ID information will also be shown in the Caller ID window just above the dialing buttons. This will also list the last 25 callers.