Web Cam

Note: The CyberBuddy Web Cam Program must be installed for these functions.
The CyberBuddy Web Cam is available on the CyberBuddy CD-ROM. The CyberBuddy CD-ROM can be obtained from http://MyCyberBuddy.com/page40.html
Check the CyberBuddy website at http://MyCyberBuddy.com for more information.

If you have the CyberBuddy Web Cam Server program installed, there will be a button on the "Chat" tab labeled "CAM". This will bring up the Web Cam control panel.

You can see some of the people you chat with, and they can see you if you take advantage of the CyberBuddy Web Cam features.

The CyberBuddy Web Cam is composed of two parts:
The Web Cam Viewer. The Web Cam viewer allows you to see the Web Cams of the CyberBuddies you are chatting with. The viewer uses your browser to display the images.
2. The Web Cam Server. The Web Cam server uses your Web Camera, or a stored image, to send to the other CyberBuddies you are chatting with.

Web Cam Control Panel
To bring up the Web Cam Control Panel, click the "CAM" button.

Start Web Cam Server
This will start the
Web Cam Server program.

Some notes about Web Cam operation:
In Group Chat Mode:
You will only send to, and receive from, buddies in your Online List that are checked.

In Private Chat Mode:
1st, click on the buddy in the Online List that you wish to chat with, or type the person's UIN in the Send to UIN box on the "Chat" tab of CyberBuddy. Then, click the "Group" button to make it "Private". Now, you will only be sending and receiving Video from that person. If you also use the Voice Mode, you now have a video phone!