If you have any problems setting up email, check the troubleshooting FAQ on the CyberBuddy homepage at There is a special section for email.

CyberBuddy can check your POP (non-web based) mailboxes and alert you when mail arrives. CyberBuddy cannot check web based mail such as hotmail. Certain web based email services such as yahoo mail, have POP mail connection available. Even hotmail can be setup to alert another email account when mail is received. You could therefore have hotmail alert a POP type account of a new mail message. This POP account could be checked by CyberBuddy. Check the CyberBuddy home page for any information regarding special mail setups.

Although CyberBuddy is not intended to be a full Email client, it contains many Email features.

Note: When CyberBuddy shows you your mail, it does not delete it automatically from the server like your regular Email client program does. You can, however, choose to delete the Emails from the server yourself. This is explained below. Also, CyberBuddy will ignore any attachments contained in your email.

When Email is found, the
CyberBuddy Icon in the system tray will animate.

See the following Email Sections:

Setting up
Email Accounts
Email Screen
Reply to Email
Send Email
Email Filter