CyberBuddy can read typed text, text documents, web pages, and CyberBuddy Documents (special documents created just for CyberBuddy with a .cbb extension).

You can type directly into the read window or Cut and Paste from another document to this window. Click "Read" and your CyberBuddy will read the text to you.
The "Paste" button can be used to paste text that has been copied or cut from a document. To copy text from a document:
Highlight the text by dragging the mouse across the text while holding the left mouse button.
Then select "copy" from the edit menu, or press CTL C on the keyboard.
Switch to the CyberBuddy program, select the "Read" tab and click "Paste".

This button will read the text in the window above.

Use this button to paste text from the clipboard into the window above.

Read URL
You can have CyberBuddy read whole web pages to you. Type or copy the URL (web address) of the web page and click "Read URL".
You can double-click the character at any time to stop reading.

Read a Document
CyberBuddy will read text documents (.txt files), Web Page documents (.htm or .html files), and CyberBuddy Documents (.cbb). Click this button and select the desired document to be read.

Pause Reading / Stop Reading
To pause reading, click the Character once. He will finish reading the current line, then pause. If you leave him paused, he will remind you every minute or so that he is still paused. To resume reading, Click on the character once.
To stop reading, double-click on the character.

CyberBuddy Documents
CyberBuddy Documents are special text documents that are created especially for CyberBuddy. These documents contain special "command tags" that control animations, sound effects, character changes, and more. If a CyberBuddy Document file is located on a web site, and you have Internet Explorer, you can click on the document and CyberBuddy will read it. If you have a CyberBuddy Document on your hard drive, you can double-click it and CyberBuddy will read it.
A free program is available for building the special CyberBuddy documents. See the CyberBuddy homepage for the "CyberBuddy Story Builder".

Drag and Drop
You can also have CyberBuddy read a text document by dragging the text document from windows explorer and dropping it on CyberBuddy.
CyberBuddy will read text documents , HTML (web page) documents, or CyberBuddy Documents.

Read the Clipboard
If you right-click the agent character or tray icon, a popup menu will appear. One of the selections in this menu is "Read Clipboard". This will take whatever is in the clipboard, paste it to the read screen, and read it.