Phone Functions

Versions 3 and 4 Only

With CyberBuddy, Microsoft Speech Recognition, and certain modems, you can have CyberBuddy perform some phone functions for you.
Note that the phone functions may not work with all modems and operating systems. Also, it will not work if you are currently using the modem for something else, such as when you are online. You must have a telephone attached to the same telephone line as the modem. CyberBuddy will dial the call, but you must talk via the telephone handset. CyberBuddy is not a speaker phone.

To bring up the Phone Window say "load phone" or "get phone".

On the left side of the screen there will be a
Phone Dialer, on the Right side, is the Phone Book.

See the following sections:

Phone Dialer
Phone Book
Caller ID