CyberBuddy Games Overview

The CyberBuddy games work together with the main CyberBuddy program. These are games that you can play against other CyberBuddies. The Agent characters will race across the screen as the game is played. As you answer questions or perform certain tasks, your character advances. Up to 6 CyberBuddies can play at a time.

For each game, there is a "Game Host", and contestants that "Join the Game". The contestants join the game with the game host. The game host is also a contestant. The only difference is that it is the game host's computer that is actually running the game. Unlike other games that require servers, the CyberBuddy games are peer to peer. You are actually playing directly against the other CyberBuddies.

Game is played by solving a series of questions or tasks. There are several types of games and levels of difficulty.

Also, there is a
Local Race, where you can watch characters race across your computer screen. And, there is a Practice function that allows you to sharpen your skills for the match.

Joining a Game
Playing the Game
Hosting a Game

CyberBuddy Games must be run from the CyberBuddy Main Program. When CyberBuddy Games are installed, there will be a "Games" button on the Send Tab of CyberBuddy. If the Games button is not shown, restart CyberBuddy.