Game Types

A variety of Game types can be selected for the competition.

Random Race
In this game the player actually does nothing. The characters are moved randomly across the screen. Much like a horse race.

Word Scramble
The player is presented with a group of scrambled letters. CyberBuddy Games is looking for a particular word that can be made from the letters. Though a number of different words might be possible, the program is looking for one particular word.

Simple Math
Simple Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication problems are presented. The player must answer correctly.

Dexterity Test
The Announcer (The Microphone seen on the screen during play) will move rapidly around the screen. The player must grab the microphone with the mouse, and click it.

Memory Test
You will be shown a group of colored spots. Memorize the sequence of the colors. When Ready, click the "Ready" button. Then, click on the colors in the list, in the sequence memorized. If you can't remember, click on "Re-Memorize". The colors will be shown to you again.

Mixed Problems
The player will be presented with all of the above problems randomly.

This selection determines the
level of difficulty of the questions or tasks.