Host a Game

The Game Host is the one that selects the games, invites players, and runs the game. To Host a Game:

1. Make sure that the people you would like to play with are checked in your CyberBuddy Online Contact List. Then click the Games button on CyberBuddy.

2. The CyberBuddy Games Program will start. Select "Host a Game".

3. Select a
Game Type and Difficulty Level.

4. Make sure the people you want to invite for a game are checked in the Online Buddy list. Then Click "
Invite Players". This will send a message to the CyberBuddys in the Buddy list. The message will tell them that you are hosting a game, what type of game it is, and that they have been invited to play.

5. As each player Joins the Game, you will see a dialog box asking you to accept the player. When you click Yes, the player will be added to the contestant list. Initially they will be in yellow. When the player has clicked their Ready button, their entry in the contestant list will turn to green. Up to 6 CyberBuddies can play in a game.

6. When all players have joined the game, and all entries are green. You are ready to start the game. Click the
Start Game button.

Cancelling a Game
To Cancel a Game, click at the top of the program at the right side of the screen. Click at the top, above the Finish Line, and drag the program back to the center of the screen. You will now see the Cancel button. Click this button to cancel the game. If you are the game host, this will cancel the game for all players. If you have joined a game, this will cancel only your game.