Web Cam Viewer

The CyberBuddy Web Cam is composed of two parts:
The Web Cam Viewer (This Section). The Web Cam viewer allows you to see the Web Cams of the CyberBuddies you are chatting with. The viewer uses your browser to display the images.
2. The Web Cam Server. The Web Cam server uses your Web Camera, or a stored image, to send to the other CyberBuddies you are chatting with.

Web Cam Viewer
To start the viewer, click the "CAM" button. A control panel will popup. Click the Start Button in the "Cam Viewer Browser Page" section. This will activate the web cam viewer. In a few seconds, you browser should open up with a page showing the active web cams of the people you are chatting with.
This page will update as specified in the next section. This page will also update automatically when new buddies come online or go offline.

Update Every __ Seconds
Use this control to specify how often the web cam viewer page should be updated. If you are on a slow connection this should be at least 30 seconds. If you are viewing a number of images, this time may need to be increased to 60 seconds or more.

Include My Image
When this is checked, the image you are sending will also be included on the Web Cam Viewer page in your browser.

Auto Start Cam
With this option selected, the CyberBuddy Web Cam server will start automatically when you start CyberBuddy.

Cams to View
This window shows the list of cams currently online in your buddy list. When a cam is checked, it will be shown in the viewer. To de-select a cam, uncheck it. To refresh the list, use the Refresh Button.

Refreshes the "Cams to View" list.

If the buddies you are chatting with have CyberBuddy Web Cams active, you should see the pictures in your browser. These pictures are reduced in size to allow for a number of pictures to be shown. If you wish to see any of the pictures in their full size, just click on the picture shown in the browser.