Web Cam Server

The CyberBuddy Web Cam is composed of two parts:
The Web Cam Viewer. The Web Cam viewer allows you to see the Web Cams of the CyberBuddies you are chatting with. The viewer uses your browser to display the images.
2. The Web Cam Server. (This section). The Web Cam server uses your Web Camera, or a stored image, to send to the other CyberBuddies you are chatting with.

The CyberBuddy Web Cam Server is used to send an image to the Web Cam Viewers of the buddies you are chatting with.

Starting the Web Cam Server.
To start the viewer, click the "CAM" button. A control panel will popup. Now click the "Start Web Cam Server" button.

Web Cam Server Functions
If you have a Web Cam, the first thing you must do is select the the Camera/Driver to be used. Click "Options" then click "Capture Driver". Select the Camera/Driver desired from the drop down box.

Image Type
This is where you can select the image you would like to be seen by the other CyberBuddies.
Continuous Capture - With this mode selected, the program will automatically capture a new image from your web cam every few seconds. This is the method used to send your live pictures to the other CyberBuddies.
Single Capture- With this mode selected, the program will only capture an image when the "Capture Now" button is clicked.
Use Image File- In this mode, your web cam is bypassed. Use the "Select Image" button to select an appropriate image from your hard drive. The program will automatically send a resized version of the image.
Slide Show-In this mode, you are asked to select an image in a folder. The web cam server will then randomly select images within that folder to be shown on the cam server. The image will change each time someone accesses your cam server to receive an image.

Use the options selection of the Menu to set the various parameters for your particular web cam.