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Children's Stories
Characters Used
The Princess and the PeaRobby & Merlin
The Hare and the HedgehogMerlin
The GoopsAl
Agent Story/Poem by Erik UIN 12640Merlin,Robby,Peedy,Genie
Christi and the Genie by SarenaButtercup,Genie
The Highest Tree by SarenaRobby,Peedy
Fido the Dragon by SarenaMerlin,Peedy
Three Little Pigs by HorusMerlin
The Cat and The Mouse by HorusMerlin
A Scary Story! with lots of sound effects, by Sarena Merlin, Sam
Five rules of safety by SarenaMerlin
Little Red Riding Hood by HorusMerlin, Buttercup, Al, Peedy, Genie, Ozzar

Stories for All Ages
Characters Used
The Merchant and the Genie by Margali
This is a full length story

Italian Stories
Characters Used
Se ami, fallo apertamente (By My friend Matteo UIN 5254)Merlin

Click on the desired song.

Merlin will sing you Happy Birthday!Merlin
Saints come Marching in (by Bob Wellman) Merlin
The Lion Sleeps Tonight (by Bob Wellman) Merlin, Peedy
Old MacDonald (by Sarena)Any
Rock a Bye Baby (by Sarena)Any
Hey Jude (by Matteo)Any
Every Breath you take (by Matteo)Any
Walking on the Moon(by Matteo)Any
Under the Bridge Moon(by Matteo)Any

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