My Name
Type your name in here. This is how CyberBuddy will address you.
Hint: Don't put it in all capital letters or CyberBuddy may say the individual letters instead of your name.

It is possible that your name is not pronounced the way it is spelled. If this is the case, misspell your name in this box so that it sounds correct. Click the Try button to see how it sounds. CyberBuddy will now show your name correctly and will pronounce it correctly. When you send instant messages, your recipient will also hear the correct pronunciation.

I am connected to the Internet Via
Choose the type of internet connection that you have.
Most people will have a standard dialup connection.
If you are using a cable modem or have a permanent connection to the internet with a LAN, select the second option.
If you are on a network that uses a proxy server, select the third option and fill in the appropriate information in the proxy fields. If you do not know the proxy port, leave it at 80.

If you are using CyberBuddy on a computer without an internet connection, select Dialup.

This need only be filled in if you have selected "Proxy Server" in the internet connection box.

Speech Recognition Enabled (versions 3 and 4)
Enables the speech recognition capability of CyberBuddy. To have CyberBuddy listen for commands, press and hold the Speech Recognition Hot-Key. This is usually the Scroll-Lock button. See the speech recognition section for details.

Character and Speech Options
This button will bring up the
Character and Speech options window. Here you will be able to select agent characters and set various speech options.

Speech Recognition Options (Versions 3 and 4)
This button will bring up the Speech Recognition Options Window.

Advanced Options
Brings up the
Advanced Options Screen.

Restart Agents
If the Agent Character should freeze or speech recognition freezes for some reason, this button will restart the Microsoft Agent Server and will reload the characters.

Caller ID/ Phone (Version 4 only)
Brings up the Phone Functions Window.

Quiet Time
You can set CyberBuddy to be quiet during certain hours of the night or day. Check the box marked "Silence CyberBuddy" and set the desired quiet times. He will still perform all functions but his voice and sound effects will not be heard.

Silent in Screen Saver
With this option checked, CyberBuddy will be silent for most functions when your screen saver is on. Some functions will override this. Reminders will still popup. If you have selected email popup, Online Notify Popup, or Popup on incoming message, these will override this selection.

Change Active User
If you have Multiple Users in the CyberBuddy program (see
Advanced Options), a button will appear on this tab called 'Change Active User". This button can be used to change the current program user.