CyberBuddy Games
pix1p1.jpgWith the CyberBuddy Games Module, you can compete with up to 6 other CyberBuddies, in a game of skill, in real time.

Your Agent Character will race across the screen, along with your competitor's characters, so you can see who is winning.

CyberBuddy Games consist of answering questions or performing tasks that appear on your screen. As you answer correctly, your character advances.

Questions consist of word scrambles, math, memory problems etc. Answer and move forward, skip a question and move half the screen back.pix3p1.jpg

To start a Game, there is a Game Host. Anyone with a CyberBuddy Games module can be the host. The Host selects the type of game to be played and the level of difficulty. The Game host then Invites other to play. An "Invite" button sends an invitation to the Games hosts buddies.

The other CyberBuddys then fire up their Game Modules and "Join" the game. When all have joined, the game host starts the game.

The Variety of Games and difficulty levels insure that CyberBuddy games can be played by people of all ages.
View the Games Help File for Additional Information.

The CyberBuddy Games Module Setup Program is on the CyberBuddy CD-ROM.
Run CyberBuddyGameSetup.exe. This will install the CyberBuddy Games Module. The next time you start CyberBuddy, you will notice a "Games" button above the Talk button on the Send tab of CyberBuddy. This is the button used to run games.
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