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Here are some CyberBuddies with their own sites.
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Check out Bob's (CyberBuddy UIN 29583) Agent Page.

Sarena, who  has contributed many of the stories on the CyberBuddy Story Page, has a Web Page.

Pazooter (UIN 39398) has a site about caterpillars called the Callipitter Journal. Bruce used the CyberBuddy Story Builder to create an audible tour. If you have IE and CyberBuddy, Merlin will give you a tour of the site.

Check out Bill's Site  ( UIN 32375 ) . It has... well, you've just got to see it.

Dale (UIN 30492)  has an interesting site. He even has pictures of some of the regulars on CyberBuddy Group chat.

Visit Timothy's Agent Land.

Charlene (UIN 42645) is also building a new site.

John Cutter has a real nice site about home robots.
Check out

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