Speech Recognition Options

pix1p3.gifSpeech Recognition Options

Speech Input Accuracy

When CyberBuddy is listening, it sometimes thinks it hears what you are saying, but is not quite sure.
You may notice sometimes that in the Listening Tips Balloon, below the character, the command you spoke is shown, but the character may not respond to it.
This is because it was not confident it heard what you actually said.
By changing the Speech Input Accuracy Slider, you can change how strict CyberBuddy will be in listening to your commands.
If you move the slider towards the "Least" end, it will respond to your commands more readily but it may also respond to more incorrect commands.
If you move it towards the "Most" end, CyberBuddy will not respond unless it is more confident that it understood your command. In most cases, this slider should be in the center.

To Request Web Pages

CyberBuddy can be made to understand commands to load Web Pages that are contained in Internet Explorer Favorites, or Netscape Bookmarks. (Actually, any bookmark file can be used). Select a bookmark file and/or whether Internet Explorer Favorites will be used.
To get to one of these web pages, say "Web Page" or "Web Site". CyberBuddy will acknowledge and will then ask what site. Speak the name of the Site the way it is shown in the bookmark or Favorites. Note, you may want to rename these to make it easier speak.
Tip: Create a special bookmark file with web sites that you wish CyberBuddy to be able to load.

Speech Control Panel

This will bring up the Windows Speech Control Panel (if installed on your computer).
When the Window is shown, click on the Speech Recognition Engine. There are a number of Parameters that can be adjusted for Speech Recognition including Adjust Microphone Settings and do more Training. Remember, the more training you do, the more accurate CyberBudy can be with speech input.

Character Properties
This will bring up the Windows Character Property Editor. Of particular interest in this section is the "Speech Input" section. Here you can select the following options:
Characters Listen for Input when pressing the ??? key. - This is where the "Hot Key" to put the character in Listen mode can be selected.
You can also select the amout of time the Character will listen after the key button is released.
Display Listening Tips - This is the text box that appears below the character that indicates it is listening.
Play Tone When you can speak - This controls the slight blip that is heard when the Character is listening.

For Questions on Speech Recognition, check the CyberBuddy Help file and the Speech Recognition FAQ.

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