CyberBuddy Speech Recognition

Now, You can talk to CyberBuddy (Premium Version) and tell him to do a number of things.
For example:
  • Ask for the Time, Date, News, Weather, Stocks, Internet Speed etc.
  • Ask him to get or read your email.
  • Ask for a joke, thought or Feel Good Message
  • Tell him to change characters
  • Tell him to raise or lower his volume
  • Ask him to read a web page or to load a web page in your Favorites or Bookmarks to your browser.
  • Command him to run programs for you.
  • Tell him to dial a phone number of a friend. (Special Harware Required)
  • There is even a built-in speech-driven calculator
    And more...
  • pix1p1.gifCyberBuddy, powered by the
    Microsoft Speech Recognition Engine
    can now listen for your commands.

    Currently, Microsoft has only a U.S. English version of the speech recognition engine.

    CyberBuddy Speech Recognition Version is available in the CyberBuddyPremium Version. The Premium Version has all the files required to get Speech Recognition Installed. In addition, it has many other programs, characters and features. (Of course the CyberBuddy Free version, as always,  is available for download.) The CyberBuddyPremium version now has a special Smart Installer Program to help you get started. It then installs the required files for that version. You do not need to uninstall before upgrading. The smart installer will upgrade your version, and will leave your preferences intact.

    For more information on operating the Speech Recognition Functions, try the "About Speech Recognition" page.
    Also check the Speech Recognition FAQ.

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