CyberBuddy Script Builder

CyberBuddy can read standard text and Web documents. But CyberBuddy can do much more when a document is written or converted to a format that is designed specifically for CyberBuddy.
In addition, commands can be used to develop an interactive script.
A Script consists of commands that the characters listen for, followed by the action to take place when that command is heard. The action may be to have the character speak something with animation, load a program file, load a URL in the browser, Press a Key or other actions.

He is an example:
You can be giving a presentation, Merlin pops up on your computer screen (or a projected image of the screen.)
Using speech recognition, you can ask Merlin to "Get the Sales Forecast." Merlin complies by loading an Excel spread sheet.
You can then ask, "Can Peedy Explain this?". Peedy will come on the screen, explain it and wait for your next command.
You ask him to "Show a Graph" of the spread sheet.
He loads the graph and tells a little about it. Now, you ask him to close Excel.
Then, ask him to run a Power Point Presentation. He will load it and go throught it slide by slide.
When he's done, he will close the power point presentation, say goodbye and disappear.

CyberBuddy version 3 or 4.
The CyberBuddy Interactive Scripting Editor.

You can read more about the CyberBuddy Interactive Scripting Editor at

The CyberBuddy Script Builder is an advanced tool designed for buisness presentations and educators. Another tool, the
CyberBuddy Story Builder, is a free tool that can be used to generate certain types of documents especially tailored to be read by CyberBuddy.

The CyberBuddy Script Builder is a tool that may be used to create these script documents. Actually, the script is simply a text file, with special commands, using a special file extension (.cbb) that is identified as a CyberBuddy Document. When the document is saved with an extension of .cbb, Windows will recognize it as a CyberBuddy document and will "hand" the document to CyberBuddy to be processed.