Custom Speech Responses

You can define certain responses to certain spoken words in CyberBuddy. For example, when you speak the phrase "Meet my friend" you might have CyberBuddy respond with "Hello Bob!".

The following is for more advanced users:

Cyberbuddy determines the Custom Responses to Speech Commands using a file called "UserResponses.txt". This file will be found in the CyberBuddy folder.

The file is a standard text file that can be edited using notepad. The format of the file is as follows:

spoken words:Response Phrase

Spoken Words are the words or phrase that CyberBuddy is listening for. It should be short, and easy to recognize.

The Response Phrase will be the response that CyberBuddy says when hearing the spoken words.

The delimiter between Spoken Words and the Response Phrase is a colon ( : ).

The Response phrase can contain a few different responses separated by the pipe ( | ) symbol. In this case, CyberBuddy will respond with one of the phrases at random.

The UserResponses.txt file already has a couple of entries in it. One is:

how are you:I am doing well thanks.|Very well thanks, and you?|Just great thanks.

Look at the UserResponses.fil file for an example of how to add Custom Responses.