Web Browsing with Speech Recognition

Versions 3 and 4 Only

You can browse the web without clicking a single link. While browsing you can choose to look at the pages in your browser or have CyberBuddy read the pages for you. Once you have asked CyberBuddy to load a web page, CyberBuddy will learn the hyperlinks on the page. You can then just ask for the hyperlink to go to the next page. Here are the details:

Web Pages
There are 3 ways to ask CyberBuddy to get a web page:

Read or Show a Web Page from Web Watching Wizard list)
To get a Web Page that is Contained in the List of Web Pages on the "Web Watching Wizard" (WWW) tab, say "Read" followed by the URL to read the page or "Load" or "Show" followed by the URL to load the page in your browser. For Example: "Load Yahoo dot Com" If Yahoo.com is in the list, CyberBuddy will understand the command and load the web page.

Read or Show a Bookmarked Page or Favorites Page
CyberBuddy can also be made to understand commands to load Web Pages that are contained in Internet Explorer Favorites, or Netscape Bookmarks. (Actually, any bookmark file can be used). This is slightly more involved because CyberBuddy must memorize all those site locations. To set this up, go to the "General" tab and select "Speech Recognition Options". In the section "To Recognize Web Pages" you can select a bookmark file and/or whether Internet Explorer Favorites will be used.
Now, to read one of these web pages, say "Read Web Page" or "Read Web Site". To show one of these web pages, say "Load Web Page" or "Load Web Site". To CyberBuddy will acknowledge and will then ask what site. Speak the name of the Site the way it is shown in the bookmark or Favorites. Note, you may want to rename these to make it easier speak.

Once you have loaded the initial page, you can begin browsing.

When CyberBuddy is told to load or read a web page, it will memorize the hyperlinks on that page. To go to a hyperlink, just say the name of the link.

List Hyperlinks
CyberBuddy can tell you what hyperlinks are on the page. Say "list links" or "List hyperlinks". CyberBuddy will speak the hyperlinks that are active on the page.

Go Back
Much like the Back button on a browser, CyberBuddy will return to the previous web page.

Read this Page
If you are using CyberBuddy to browse by showing pages in your browser, you can ask him to read the current page to you. Say "Read this web Page" or "Read current web Page".

Start Over
To start over, just say "Load Website" or "Read Website" as you did to begin browsing.

Stop Browsing
To stop browsing, just say "Stop" or "End" or "Quit" "Browsing"