Versions 3 and 4 Only

CyberBuddy has a built-in, four function, Calculator that is operable with Speech input. To get the calculator say: "Load Calculator" or "Get Calculator".

When CyberBuddy is in the calculator mode, only calculator commands will be recognized. When speaking numbers, the individual numeric digits must be spoken, as if you were entering the numbers on a keyboard. The following commands will be recognized:
Note: When the Calculator Mode is running, all other functions will be halted.
Note: If the bottom of the calculator is cut off and you are using large fonts on your computer, check the Skin size in
Advanced Options.

For:                Say:
Help (Shows this Page)        need,get,show or load help
Numeric Entry            The Number (0 through 9) (0 is "zero")
Decimal Point            point, period, dot, decimal
Add                Plus, And, Add
Subtract                Subtract, Minus, less, take away
Multiply                Times, Multiply
Divide                Divide, Over, By
Result                Equals, Result, Total, Is, Answer
Clear Entry            Clear, Erase, Delete
All Clear                Clear All, All Clear, Start over, Erase all
Verify the current entry        Verify
Close Calculator            Close Calculator, Exit Calculator, Shut down calculator
Quiet/Stop/Pause            Quiet, Silence, Stop