Custom Messages

CyberBuddy will allow you to customize some of the announcements that are made for various functions. This provides the capability for a truly personalized CyberBuddy. To access Custom Message, go to the "General" tab of CyberBuddy, click on "Advanced Options" then click the "Custom Messages" button.

At the top of the Custom Message window there is a drop-down selection for various Message Type functions. Select the Message Type that you would like to change or add messages for.
When the Message Type is selected, a list of the messages currently available for that function will be shown. Each message is on a separate line. CyberBuddy chooses messages from the list at random. Make changes to the list as desired.
If you do not want messages for a particular function, just delete all the message lines for that message type.

There are a number of special tags that can be placed in the message to alter the speech. They are as follows:

## - When ## is encountered in a line, CyberBuddy will replace the ## with your name. For example:
##, how are you doing?
Will ask you by name, how you are doing.

\emp\ - This tag, placed before a word, will cause that word to be emphasized. For example:
This is an \emp\important word.

\map="spoken"="written"\ - This tag statement allows words to be seen in the message balloon differently than they will be spoken. For example:
The \map="whinnd"="wind"\ is blowing.
Gives the correct pronunciation for the word "wind".

Punctuation, hyphens and miss-spelling of words may be necessary to get the desired spoken phrase.

Try – You can hear what your message will sound like. Place your cursor anywhere on the message line that you would like to hear. Then click "Try" to hear that message.

Click the "
Done" button when finished changing messages.