CyberBuddy Buddies Page

Check the Directory of CyberBuddies who like to chat with the Text-to-Speech or Voice mode of CyberBuddy.

The link above will display a list of the last 200 CyberBuddies that have gone online and have selected to publish their UIN (see the "Buddies" tab on CyberBuddy). This list is computer generated and updated automatically by CyberBuddy programs that are online. These are people who would like to talk to others via CyberBuddy.

To talk to someone on the list:
If you have CyberBuddy version 2.09.06 or greater, and Internet Explorer, click on the UIN of the desire person. Otherwise, copy their UIN and place it in the "Send to IP or UIN" box on the "Send" tab of CyberBuddy. Then click the "Ping" button. If they are online, CyberBuddy will tell you. You can then begin an instant message session or voice session with them.

If you would like to see your name on this list:
Go to the "Buddies" tab on CyberBuddy. Check the box marked "Publish my UIN", fill in the Name and Comments that you would like to have shown. The next time you come online, and each time thereafter, your name will be added to the list. (You can actually list your UIN immediately by clicking the "Server Update" button on the "Buddies" tab in CyberBuddy)` Make sure you have "Instant Messaging Enabled" checked. If you have "Receive only from Contacts" checked, you will not be able to receive from anyone that is not in your list.

More Information about UINs

CyberBuddy features Instant Messaging like ICQ but with more features:
- Text to Speech messaging. Your messages are read on your friends computer by their CyberBuddy
- Add animation to the text to speech messages
-  Send your own voice to be spoken by your friend's character

Like ICQ, CyberBuddy uses a User Identification Number ( UIN ).  You can give this UIN to your friends so that when you are on CyberBuddy you will be able to contact them. Your UIN is located on the CyberBuddy "Buddies" tab.

To add your friends UIN, type their name and UIN in the boxes provided, then click "Add/Update". Now, when you come online, CyberBuddy will check to see if they are also online.
After you have added the names to the list, click "Server Update" and CyberBuddy will get an update of your Buddies list from the server. If your friend is online, you will be notified.

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