Interfacing to CyberBuddy

CyberBuddy Formatted Documents

When a document is saved with an extension of .cbb, Windows will recognize it as a CyberBuddy document and will "hand" the document to CyberBuddy to be read. You will notice that documents with a .cbb extension will have a CyberBuddy icon next to them. A CyberBuddy text document can be viewed or edited in something as simple as Windows Notepad. The format of the document is simply a text document with some "command tags" that direct the Activities of the Agent character. The CyberBuddy Story Builder simplifies the task of adding the command tags and provides a way to test the document as it is created.

Command Line Interface

You can use the "command line" to read a document or URL (URL function works in version 2.12.07 or later). When CyberBuddy is started, it looks for any document in the command line. For example, instead of running cyberbud.exe to run the program, you create a shortcut that would access the program as cyberbud.exe mydocument.txt. This would run the program and read the document. Where this can be especially useful is if the program is already running. If you issue the command to start CyberBuddy with a document in the command line, and CyberBuddy is already running, Windows will merely pass the document automatically to the running CyberBuddy program. When using a URL in the command line, include the full URL ie:

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