Adding Icon to Buddy Directory Listing

If you've looked in the buddies directory listing, you have probably seen a number of Icons, American Flags or Ribbons in directory listings. You can add one to your listing if you like be doing the following:

1. Go to the "Buddies Tab" on CyberBuddy.
2. Make sure "Publish My UIN" is checked.
3. In the comments section, along with any comments, put one of the following codes, exactly as show. In fact, the best way is to copy and paste:

<img src="usa1.gif">
<img src="usa2.gif">
<img src="usa3.gif">
<img src="usa4.gif">
<img src="usa5.gif">
<img src="usa6.gif">
<img src="webcam.gif">

usa1 is a USA Ribbon
usa2 is an American Flag
usa3 is a waving American Flag
usa4 is an American Flag Fan
usa5 is an American Eagle holding Flags
usa6 is another Ribbon
webcam can be used to show that you are using the CyberBuddy Web Cam feature. 

pix1p8.gifNow there are even more icons to choose from. See the Complete Icon List.

To see your listing updated in the directory, click the "Server Update" button on the Buddies Tab. Then check the directory.