Auto Correct
Sometimes, when we use Instant Messaging, our fingers fly across the keyboard faster than we are thinking about spelling and such. CyberBuddy tries to catch some of the common errors and correct them when you send.
You can alter the way CyberBuddy does this.

The following is for more advanced users:

Cyberbuddy determines what corrections to make in text using a file called "AutoCorrect.txt". This file will be found in the folder for the current user. If there is only one user on the system, it will be in the CyberBuddy folder. If there are more than a single user, it will be found in the folder ..\CyberBuddy\Users\Username.

The file is a standard text file that can be edited using notepad. The format of the file is as follows:

search word|replacement text

Basically, it is the word to look for, followed by a pipe symbol "|", followed by the replacement word or phrase.

The word or words to look for are not case sensitive. "cant" is the same as "Cant".

In the example above, CyberBuddy will correct for the missing apostrophe.

When making the correction, CyberBuddy will look for the search word as an individual word on the line.
This feature can also be used to expand abbreviations into full words or even into sentences.
Take the following example:

#2|This is the text I want to see
In the above example, #2 will be replaced by the sentence shown.

Limitation: CyberBuddy will only replace the first occurrence of the search word in a line. If, in the above example, #2 appeared twice in a line that was sent, only the first #2 will be replaced by the sentence.

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