Animation Tags
There are a number of special tags that can be
imbedded in your message to add effects.
These, along with proper punctuation and spacing,
will greatly enhance your message.
The "Gesture" tag
Making the character animate with certain gestures will enhance your message.
If you put '&&' at the start of a line immediately followed by an Agent standard gesture, the character will perform the gesture.
For example:
will cause the character to assume the "explain" pose.

The Gesture command must be alone on a line.

Some other common gestures are:
&&Gestureleft (&&Gestureright, &&Gestureup, &&Gesturedown)
&&lookright (&&lookleft, &&lookup, &&lookdown);

You can see how the various gestures work by going to the CyberBuddy "Send" tab. Select an animation, then click the "Try" button. This will cause your character to perform the animation. Any of the animations in this list can be used in your message by placing && before it.

The name tag
If you put a ## in a line of text, the ## will be replaced by the users name.
For example:
##, how are you today?

The emphasize tag
You can emphasize a word by putting \emp\ before the word.
For example: This is an \emp\important word.

The Pause tag
A pause can be important in the delivery of a joke or a thought. To add a pause use the tag \pau=xxx\, where xxx is the time to pause in milliseconds (1/1000 of a second).
For example: Knock! Knock! \pau=1000\ Whose there?
This would put a 1 second pause after Knock! Knock! Remember, the time is in milliseconds so 500 = 1/2 second, 1000 = 1 second and so forth.

The whisper tag
You can make the character whisper by putting \chr="whisper"\ before the text to be whispered. All text after this, to the end of the line, will be whispered.
For example: \chr="whisper"\ This line will be whispered.

The Raise Pitch tag
If you put a "^+" at the start of a line, that line will be read with a higher pitch. This is especially effective when there is quoted text from a child or woman. For example:

^+"How was work today Honey?"
said the wife.
"Just great"
said the husband.

The Sound Effect Tag
If you put a &&sfx followed by the name of a sound file, CyberBuddy will play the sound.
Example &&sfxcow.wav
See the Sound Effect Section for more details.

Punctuation and line spaces can affect how a message will sound. For example:

Knock knock who's there?
Does not sound very good. But add some punctuation, emphasis, and line spaces between phrases, and the text below will sound much better.
Knock knock! \pau=1000\
\emp\Who's there?


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