CyberBuddy Web Cam

Join the Fun!
With The CyberBuddy Web Cam

  • 1. You need to Get a Webcam!

    Some Suggestions:
    My favorite all purpose web cam you can use as a digital camera and a web cam is the AipTek VGA.
    Note: I have seen this camera at Walmart for $49 !
    Here is the AipTek at CDW.
    Here is the AipTek at Best Buy
    AipTek Home Page.

    Here are some links to some really inexpensive cams.
    Walmart has the IBM web cam for $29
    Labtec USB web cam
    Nother Labtec Web Cam Link
    Kensington Video Cam
    Stingray USB Cam

  • 2. Get the latest CyberBuddy Software on CDROM including the Web Cam Server.

    Now, you will see a CAM button on the "Send" tab of CyberBuddy.
    Click it, then "Start Cam Server" to begin the fun!