CyberBuddy can use lots of characters, shouldn't your face be one of them?
Or maybe your girlfriend's, or your pet's.
Maybe your child made a cute drawing of a character in school.
Have a picture of that new baby?
All of these can be made into animated, talking characters for CyberBuddy.

Now! Create your own characters instantly from virtually any image.
Check out CyberBuddy Agent Magic!

pix9p45.gifDid you ever wish that you pet could just speak to you? Now they can.
pix9p45.gifDo you have a favorite Logo, Mascot or drawing? These can be characters too!
pix9p45.gifImagine the feel-good messages coming from that special someone. (Whether they really said it or not!)
pix9p45.gifWhen you use Cyberbuddy for instant messaging, your face can come up on your friends CyberBuddy when you are talking to them.

Want to see what I mean?
Download the character at the right. (Click on the Image) Place the file (sampson.acs) in your agent directory. This is normally c:\windows\msagent\chars\ or (for NT) c:\winnt\msagent\chars\ Then select Sampson for one of your characters in CyberBuddy. Sampson is an example of an Agent character made from a single photograph. He can speak to you and has a few simple animations along with sound effects. pix1p43.gif
Buttercup is an example of a character made

from a drawing. She has a number of animations.

You can download her on the "More Characters" page.

What does it cost?

A simple, single photo character with just speaking animation is $25.

A character with speaking animation plus
3 gesture animations and appropriate sound effects is $35

Each additional animation (with sound effect if appropriate) is $7.50.

pix8p45.gifReady to Go?
Follow this link to get your character.

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