Hotmail Email Notify Setup

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If you have Hotmail, you know that Hotmail cannot be accessed by POP type email programs like CyberBuddy. However, you can have Hotmail send notification of new email to another email address that does have POP access.

If you have an email account with your Internet Service Provider, it is most likely a POP mail server.

To setup your hotmail account for mail notification, do the following: It can a a little tricky and hotmail changes the process at times.

1. Sign in to your hotmail account.

2. Select "Options", then "Alerts" under the "Mail Handling" section.

3. If you do not already have an MSN mobile account, Click to sign up for the MSN mobile account ,otherwise go to your MSN mobile account page. It will say: "Be notified on your pager or cell phone when new e-mail arrives at your Hotmail account (does not include messages filtered to the Trash Can or Junk Mail folders). To change your MSN Mobile account information please visit the MSN Mobile page. "
Note: When it says "Pager" or "Cell Phone" these are just email addresses! This can be any email address, not just one for a pager or cell phone.

4. Make sure the box marked "Alerts are:" is checked "On". There will be a link that says "Add Device" or "Change Device". Go there.

5. Where it says "My first Device". select "Alphanumeric Pager". Click Continue.

6. Where it says "Service Provider" select "Other". Where it says "Pager Model" select "Other 1-way Pager".

7. Where it says Pager Number put in any number like 123456. Then Click Continue.

8. Now, it will say "Can your pager: Receive text messages at:". Make sure the box is checked. Then, in the box provided, take out the number you put in and replace it with your email address to send to. For example, if, in the previous step you put in 123456, 123456 will be in the box. Erase the 123456 and put in your email address such as Then click Continue.

9. Follow the instructions. It will tell you that a conformation code has been sent to your pager. In fact, it was sent to your email address. Just put the code in the box provided when you receive it. You should be all set!

You will now get notifications of new email in Hotmail, through your other email account, which can be accessed by CyberBuddy.